Writing a division algorithm proof

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Division algorithm

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Definitions of the terms I use in my informal proofs

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Division Algorithm

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One recursive phase of the algorithm is reducing the problem of finding GCD(a, b) into finding GCD(b, a%b).

It’s being repeated until a pair is found for which the answer is obvious (a pair (x, 0) - we then obviously know the largest common divisor is x). Reading, Discovering and Writing Proofs Version c Faculty of Mathematics, University of Waterloo March 30, This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Sign up to view the full version. 2 The Euclidean Algorithm We begin by de ning the Euclidean algorithm. If we were given two positive integers x 0 and x 1 such that x 0 >x 1, by the division algorithm, we can write x 0 as: x 0 = x 1q 1 + x 2 where q 1, is the greatest integer smaller than or equal to x 0 x 1 and x.

Writing A B to indicate that there is a one-to-one correspondence between A and B, our assertion is that a simpler proof of division by two, and he worked hard to extend his method to division by three, but never succeeded.

In Lindenbaum and Tarski announced, in an infamous paper [5] that. The Euclidean algorithm is basically a continual repetition of the division algorithm for integers. The point is to repeatedly divide the divisor by the remainder until the remainder is 0.

Long division and why it works

The GCD is the last non-zero remainder in this algorithm. The Division Algorithm is merely long division restated as an equation. For example, the division 32 29 Thus, in the algorithm given as the proof of Theorem 3 below, we may always assume that Algorithm 2: Writing gcd(a;b) = ma+nb.

Writing a division algorithm proof
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