Write a swap program without using third variable

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Swap 2 number without using third variable

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Finally, the contents of the temp variable is copied back to the second variable which completes the swapping process. You can also perform swapping using. Swapping of two Numbers without Third Variable is a little bit logical Question But We can do it by using some Airthmatic Operations.

—>—>In this Question first We Shall Write the Logic of Swapping after that We shall write Complete Program.


The requirement is swap without using a third variable. By creating a function returnFirst(String x, String y) you are creating 2 new variables as it is pass by value, not reference. – shanraisshan Oct 1 '15 at Here's A Program To Swap Variables using Third Variable in Java Language.

Swap Two Numbers using Temporary Variable in Java. In case you get any Compilation Errors with this Java Program To Swap Two Numbers using Third (Temporary) Variable or you have any doubt about it, mention it in the Comment Section.

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Write a swap program without using third variable
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Write a c program to swap two numbers without using temporary variable