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Training magazine is a year-old professional development magazine that advocates training and workforce development as a business tool. The ultimate resource for training, Learning and performance professionals.

© EBSCO LearningExpress. Writing reports and assignments can be a daunting prospect. Learn how to interpret questions and how to plan, structure and write your assignment or report. This free course, Essay and report writing skills, is designed to help you develop the skills you need to write effectively for academic purposes.

Writing Thesis Statement and Controlling Idea. After you have begun the research and decided on your subject, the next step in the planning process is to determine your working thesis.

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Business writing skills are some of the most important abilities you can learn in life. If you can write a clear, professional text, then you can save time, impress people, and be taken more seriously by your boss, colleagues, or people you want to be interviewed by.

Many online business courses are offered for professional development credit or as a certificate program, though there are some courses that are offered for college credit or as part of a degree program.

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Online learning business writing
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