Basic collection psychosynthesis writings

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The Psychosynthesis Model of the Personality, By Kenneth Sørensen

Modern teachers of Psychosynthesis impart an aura that is the product of their own Self, and living “sum total” of their experiences. Sometimes their teachings on Psychosynthesis draw on other things such Shamanism, co-dependency, Jungian concept, plus all of their own insights and wisdom.

In his major book, Psychosynthesis: A Collection of Basic Writings (), Assagioli writes of three aims of psychosynthesis: Let us examine whether and how it is possible to solve this central problem of human life, to heal this fundamental infirmity of man. Mar 20,  · Pressure point self defence techniques and combinations - Shotokan karate kata Learn techniques - taekwondo.

The article presents the personality theory of psychosynthesis and it is from the book: The Soul of Psychosynthesis, by Kenneth Sørensen The Psychosynthesis Model of the Personality, By Kenneth Sørensen.

02/06/ by admin Leave a Comment. A Collection of Basic Writings’. Psychosynthesis (A Collection of Basic Writings) by Roberto Assagioli, M.D. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at AbeBooks Psychosynthesis.

Basic collection psychosynthesis writings
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Psychosynthesis: A Collection of Basic Writings by Roberto Assagioli