A history of abraham lincoln born in kentucky

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Early life and career of Abraham Lincoln

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Abe Lincoln's Connection to Elizabethtown

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The First Lincoln Memorial

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Abraham Lincoln is Born

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Abe Lincoln's Connection to Elizabethtown

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People In This Group. Born in a single room log cabin on his father's Sinking Spring Farm on Sunday, February 12,Abraham Lincoln's early years on the Kentucky frontier helped to shape his character and prepare the boy who would grow up to become the sixteenth President of the United States to lead the nation.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Hardin County, Kentucky on February 12, His family was poor and had to struggle hard to make a living.

History & Culture

As a result, Abraham Lincoln didn’t get the chance to gain a proper formal education. February 12, - Abraham Lincoln is born in a one-room log cabin on Nolin Creek in Kentucky. - In spring, the Lincoln family moves to a acre farm on Knob Creek ten miles from Sinking Spring.

On this day inAbraham Lincoln is born in Hodgenville, Kentucky. Lincoln, one of America’s most admired presidents, grew up a member of a poor family in Kentucky and Indiana. He attended school for only one year, but thereafter read on his own in a continual effort to improve his mind.

For over a century people from around the world have come to rural Central Kentucky to honor the humble beginnings of our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. His early life on Kentucky's frontier shaped his character and prepared him to lead the nation through Civil War.

The country's first.

A history of abraham lincoln born in kentucky
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